Sunday, June 4, 2017

New Planets

East Kent. 4 June 2017

“NASA telescope reveals largest batch of Earth-size,  habitable-zone planets around single star…”

Like oleaginous husband not cheating exactly
But libidinous, in the abstract case
Whose restless, ever-wandering eye
Alights on every pretty passing face
We scour the heavens for a (literal) new earth
In far-off, desolate, godforsaken space
Or sulphurous sphere modelled on hell
Looking for what exactly? Microbial trace?
Some sign I guess, that we are not alone
Intelligent life, to put us in our place
To demonstrate that human consciousness
Is a random act, not the accordance of grace.
Are there not wonders, and portents with it
In this old plot? Treasure without limit.


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