Sunday, July 21, 2013

Red Car

How cruel you are
To be so fair,
Your golden limbs,
Your braided hair:
Theseus and Ariadne
In little, red, Peugeot car.

How bold you are
And unafraid.
What feats of strength?
What magic ball of thread?
Did you enter the Labyrinth?
Did you kill the Minotaur?

And did you soar
With Icarus wings
And that sleek stick
Upon your roof? Such things
As make the senses quick
In espadrilles and cargo shorts.

That handsome girl
Reclining, half-hid,
That blameless knee,
Those downy shins.
Mind you don’t dishonour her
As Theseus once did.

Then come, my love,
Let’s be away,
And take my cross-hatch hand.
We were like them,
Heroes once – Weren’t we?
Now this is their day.


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