Friday, April 11, 2014

The Lover

Lines written in the garden, on a strikingly warm spring day, L.L., SW France, 10 April 2014.

The Lover

How like a lover
You hide your gifts
From all, and any, but me.
Such secrets as you bestow
Are for our private pleasure.

How like a lover
You forgive my neglect
With blossom and new buds.
Cowslips take a thousand bows
After the long, long winter.

How like a lover
You kiss my brow
With gentle breath
Of such sweetness
That from all cares I recover.

How like a lover
You sing to me
Airs and ditties
Robins and redstarts
In this pretty nook do favour.

How like a lover
You show your age
Tenderly, with trees,
And stones so mellow,
That old oak stair.

And when some day
I should not come
To our mountain home again,
Then you will entrust
Your charms to another,
And my heart breaks -
How like a lover.


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