Sunday, November 4, 2018

Summer Rain

Cornflower skies of
truculent blue
give way reluctant
to po-faced grey
inkspots splashing
on hot stone flags
above our heads
sunshine and behemoths
in open warfare
holiday-wrecking rain
parched earth craving
pinch-penny cloud spill
calling out for more
this great pantomime
delicately lifting
my mood - the sea
suddenly swept
by sheets of rain
black clouds angry
gathering over
unknown places
then as quickly pass
like spurned strangers
showing their backs
till conquering sun
triumphant returns
in air scrubbed clean
steaming ground
once more gives up
its ghosts - tramping
children on pavements
in swimmers and flip-flops
clutching bodyboards
big as themselves
beach towels draped
like bright-coloured
medieval banners
on balcony railings.


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