Thursday, May 8, 2014

Be My Love

A Song. London, 8 May 2014.

Come lie with me and be my love
Your languid form uncover
As starlight fills the sky above,
My troth I vow forever.

Come marry me and fill my cup
Shake off that pretty blouse
This draught of you I’ll not give up
While woman to man’s espoused.

Come lie with me and, naked, be
My Baigneuse Valpincon true
Ingres walked in realms of beauty
Or is this just a dream of you?

Come lie with me and speaking, seem,
Each phrase, each word, to express
Each syllable and phoneme
A physical caress.

Come lie with me till we grow old
Let's make our children flush
With happiness and tales well told
In groves and gardens lush.

Come lie with me and be my love
Else hide each tender part
Of you round whom my world revolve
To inspire my apprentice art.


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