Sunday, June 15, 2014

How Pretty

Lines written on observing the attitude of purple and yellow pansies, craning at the setting sun. East Kent, 15 June 2014.

How pretty is the pansy flower in June
Distilled from air like a songbird’s tune
Conjured from nothing as if too soon
Our pinprick senses to importune.

Butterfly-petals alighting where they may
Turn triumphant, to scorn the dying day
The Sun that made them, each precious ray
I too face down, in my clumsy way.

Inkblot beauties, keep your anger at bay
God-favoured we revel in Nature’s array
Apollo commands, then must we obey?
Existence is ours, we defiant do say.

So hold, and hold, your perfect bloom
As earth is your bride, you are the groom
With leaping heart, all fears I entomb
A new day will come, we weave on its loom.


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