Monday, October 20, 2014

The Dream

Lines written 21st April, 2014.
North Kent coast, England.

Was it a dream, or did I see
A heavenly searchlight come looking for me?
The sky felt heavy - and my heart too,
My troubles so many, kept splitting in two;
A house on a cliff, overlooking the sea
May seem as a refuge, the real world to flee
This decorous balcony, these Regency airs,
May fail to beguile one, who guilelessly stares;
Till at my back, blithely calling for me
My treasured child, dangling ipad on knee,
(Lolling on sofa, telly in view)
To some new errand, and my senses too;
The world before her, its infinite scope
My soul’s true quest, and all my hope;
That hole in the sky, still far out to sea
That shaft of dread light, searching for me.


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